broadcast 11

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Track Artist Album Year
A Real Indication Thought Gang Twin Peaks — Fire Walk With Me 1992
Danse De Cuisine Sally Potter The Tango Lesson
Touched VAST Visual Audio Sensory Theater 1998
Cruel Swing Jawbox For Your Own Special Sweetheart 1994
Burn Nine Inch Nails Natural Born Killers Soundtrack 1994
BlackDog Poster Children RTFM 1997
for those about to rock (we salute you) AC/DC Who Made Who 1986
Heart Is Strange School Of Seven Bells Disconnect From Desire 2010
The Internal Godflesh In All Languages
Feel Good Hit Of The Summer Queens of the Stone Age Rated R 2000
Drain Cosmetics Serena Maneesh Serena Maneesh 2005
Armed Response Trans Am The Surveillance 1998
Black No. 1 Type O Negative Bloody Kisses 1993
Semen Song for James Bidgood Matmos The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast 2006
Put A Lid On It Squirrel Nut Zippers Hot 1996
Miracle Drug A.C. Newman The Slow Wonder 2004
I Bad Brains Bad Brains 1982
Ride Babes in Toyland To Mother 1991
Jesus Built My Hotrod Ministry Psalm 69 1992
Tarantula Ft Fresh Pyda + Tenor Fly Pendulum Hold Your Colour 2005
Pine Ruby Salt Peter 1995
Sea Lion Sage Francis A Healthy Distrust 2005
Dum Dum Club Joe Strummer Sid & Nancy Soundtrack 1986
Block Buster! The Sweet 1973
Cottonmouth Throwing Muses Counting Backwards 1991
False Faces Southern Death Cult Southern Death Cult 1988
Reptile The Church Starfish 1988
aer(valid) Arovane AER (VALID) 2001
Track 05 teamshadetek poweredby 2002
kkrnkxrkrrz HALO Subliminal Transmissions 1999
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