broadcast 14

Download (132mb)

Track Artist Album Year
Lumberjack Willie Nelson A Classic & Unreleased Collection (Disc 1)
White As Diamonds Alela Diane To Be Still 2009
ASIA SALEM King Night 2010
Jailbait Andre Williams    
Goin’ Down South R. L. Burnside Well … Well … Well 2001
Crystalised (Buck & Dillinger Remix) The xx   2010
Here Comes The Rain Again Eurythmics Greatest Hits 1991
Nowhere Curve Open Day At The Hate Fest 1996
This Mess We’re In PJ Harvey Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea 2000
Abegail Anne Jeremy Enigk Dream with the Fishes 1997
Black Country Tonstartssbandht An When 2010
El diablo en el ojo Tindersticks Dream with the Fishes 1997
The Hanging Garden The Cure Staring At The Sea The Singles 1986
O ‘Berta Bull & Group Prison Songs Vol.2: Don’tcha Hear Poor Mother Calling? 1948
The Hunter Blue Cheer Outsideinside 1968
In My Room Yaz Upstairs at Eric’s 1982
B.C. Is On Fire The Pack a.d. We Kill Computers 2010
Cypherspeed Klaxons Surfing The Void 2010
Djed Tortoise Millions Now Living Will Never Die 2000
Kaamos Apocalyptica Cult (Special Edition) 2000
Afghamistam Botch An Anthology of Dead Ends 2002
Blindspot Today Is The Day Temple Of The Morning Star 1997
This Ain’t No Rock n’ Roll Show Hasil Adkins Best Of The Haze 2006
Think Locally Fuck Globally Gogol Bordello Gypsy Punks 2005
Being Boiled Human League In the Beginning There Was Rhythm 2002
Until Morale Improves, the Beatings Will Continue Murder By Death Who Will Survive, And What Will Be Left of Them 2003
Gardenhead – Leave Me Alone Neutral Milk Hotel On Avery Island 1995
Hot Thing Prince Sign O’ the Times
I’m Not Jesus Ramones Halfway To Sanity 1987
Never Land (A Fragment) Sisters of Mercy Floodland
Master Maqui Rodrigo y Gabriela 11:11 2009
Mushi Mushi Headcase Mushiness 1999
Dogma KMFDM XTORT 2007
Raekwon & Ghostface – Cutting It Up RATATAT Remixes Vol. I 2004
Black Betty Ministry Cover Up 2008
Mushi Mushi Headcase Mushiness 1999
I Might Be Wrong Radiohead Amnesiac 2001
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broadcast 13

Download (140mb)

Track Artist Album Year
Rainbows of Color Grooverider INCredible Sound of Drum’n’Bas 2000
You and Me and Rainbows (Parts One to Six) The Tear Garden Tired Eyes Slowly Burning 1987
Al Souk Dub Muslimgauze Lo-fi India Abuse 1999
Glenn Slint Slint 1992
Nowhere Curve Open Day At The Hate Fest 1996
Revenge Of The Black Regent Add N to (X) Avant Hard 1999
The Wanting Comes in Waves The Decemberists The Hazards of Love 2009
History Repeats Itself Axis of Symmetry Natural Born Killers Soundtrack 1993
La Valse Des Damn├ęs Banane Metalik Sex, Blood And Gore’N’Roll 2005
Plaster Casts of Everything Liars Liars 2007
Alcohol (Turn And Fall) Baptist Generals No Silver/ No Gold 2003
One Way Or Another Blondie Parallel Lines 1989
Lover I Dont Have To Love Bright Eyes Lifted Or The Story Is In The 2002
fire water burn Bloodhound Gang One Fierce Beer Coaster 1996
I’m Just A Killer For Your Love Blur Blur 1997
Deiche Sex Gang Children Play With Children 1984
Isis Bob Dylan Desire 1975
The King Of Rock’n Roll Daniel Lioneye The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll 2003
Stigmata Martyr Bauhaus In the Flat Field 1980
Anything (Viva!) Foetus in Excelsis Corruptus Deluxe Male 1990
Pentassam Constellation Agoraphobic Nosebleed The Poacher Diaries 1999
Grief Barrier Alchemist Austral Alien 2003
13 Monsters Lightning Bolt Ride The Skies 2001
This is Heresy Christian Death Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ 1988
The Sonology Of Sex I Clock DVA Buried Dreams 1989
Fall: Marion Barfs Clint Mansell feat. The Kronos Quartet Requiem for a Dream 2000
Jennifer Lopez (The Sweet Science Version) xiu xiu Chapel of the Chimes [EP] 2002
The Wrong Way TV On The Radio New Health Rock 2004
the chief assassin to the sinister Three Mile Pilot the chief assassin to the sinister 1994
I Miss The Girl Soul Coughing El Oso 1998
Bigmouth Strikes Again The Smiths The Queen Is Dead 1986
Holy Holy Shadow Project Shadow Project 1991
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broadcast 12

Download (147mb)

Track Artist Album Year
Skip Divided Thom Yorke The Eraser 2006
Don’t Make Me A Target Spoon Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (CD1) 2007
Song to the Siren This Mortal Coil It’ll End In Tears 1984
Six Bells Chime Crime & the City Solution Room Of Lights 1986
I Burn Toadies Rubberneck 1994
In League Bile Sex Reflex 2000
Mundian To Bach Ke Panjabi MC Mundian To Bach Ke 2003
Heavy Scene Meg Lee Chin Piece And Love 1999
Paris MSTRKRFT The Looks 2006
Gay Bar Electric Six Fire In The Disco 2003
Hand to Phone Adult EP 2001
Wax Ecstatic (To Sell Angelina Sponge Wax Ecstatic 1999
Hey Nonny Nonny Violent Femmes Why Do Birds Sing? 1991
Institutionalized Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencies 1983
Pictures Of Matchstick Men Camper Van Beethoven Key Lime Pie 1989
Blood On The Motorway DJ Shadow The Private Press 2002
Untouchable Face Ani DiFranco Dilate 1996
God’s Child (Baila Conmigo) Selena & David Byrne Dreaming of You 1995
How Sweet Mal Ekova Space Lullabies and Other Fantasmagore 2001
Never Let Me Down Again Depeche Mode Music For The Masses 1987
Souljacker Part I Eels Souljacker 2001
Speaking In Tongues Eagles of Death Metal Peace Love Death Metal 2004
Night of the Living Rednecks Dead Kennedys Give Me Convience Or Give Me Death 1987
Melody Day Caribou Andorra 2007
Stray Calexico The Black Light 1998
I-75 Boogie Soledad Brothers Self Titled 2000
Pony Ride Bumblebeez 81 The Printz 2004
An Honest Mistake The Bravery The Bravery 2005
Independent Woman Elbow BBC Radio 1 session 2004
Dragonaut Sleep Sleep’s Holy Mountain 1992
Hey Asshole 1000 Homo DJs Supernaut 2000
Counter stroke 10LEC6 Counselling Orientation 2006
Vanadium-I-Ching Einst├╝rzende Neubauten Drawings Of Patient O.T. 1983
Sit In The Middle Of Three Galloping Dogs A Silver Mt. Zion He Has Left Us Alone 2000
The Colosseum Crash A Split Second …From The Inside 1990
Shadow of a Doubt Sonic Youth Evol 1986
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broadcast 11

Download (120mb)

Track Artist Album Year
A Real Indication Thought Gang Twin Peaks — Fire Walk With Me 1992
Danse De Cuisine Sally Potter The Tango Lesson
Touched VAST Visual Audio Sensory Theater 1998
Cruel Swing Jawbox For Your Own Special Sweetheart 1994
Burn Nine Inch Nails Natural Born Killers Soundtrack 1994
BlackDog Poster Children RTFM 1997
for those about to rock (we salute you) AC/DC Who Made Who 1986
Heart Is Strange School Of Seven Bells Disconnect From Desire 2010
The Internal Godflesh In All Languages
Feel Good Hit Of The Summer Queens of the Stone Age Rated R 2000
Drain Cosmetics Serena Maneesh Serena Maneesh 2005
Armed Response Trans Am The Surveillance 1998
Black No. 1 Type O Negative Bloody Kisses 1993
Semen Song for James Bidgood Matmos The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast 2006
Put A Lid On It Squirrel Nut Zippers Hot 1996
Miracle Drug A.C. Newman The Slow Wonder 2004
I Bad Brains Bad Brains 1982
Ride Babes in Toyland To Mother 1991
Jesus Built My Hotrod Ministry Psalm 69 1992
Tarantula Ft Fresh Pyda + Tenor Fly Pendulum Hold Your Colour 2005
Pine Ruby Salt Peter 1995
Sea Lion Sage Francis A Healthy Distrust 2005
Dum Dum Club Joe Strummer Sid & Nancy Soundtrack 1986
Block Buster! The Sweet 1973
Cottonmouth Throwing Muses Counting Backwards 1991
False Faces Southern Death Cult Southern Death Cult 1988
Reptile The Church Starfish 1988
aer(valid) Arovane AER (VALID) 2001
Track 05 teamshadetek poweredby 2002
kkrnkxrkrrz HALO Subliminal Transmissions 1999
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broadcast 10

Download (138mb)

Track Artist Album Year
Go to Hell (F**K MTV Mix) KMFDM NAIVE 1990
A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (Acid an My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Confession of A Knife 1990
I Sit On Acid (original) Lords of Acid Lust 1991
Rich Bitch Die Antwoord $O$ 2010
Cities In Dust Junkie XL Booming Back At You 2008
Burn Like Brilliant Trash (at Jackie’s Funeral) Machines of Loving Grace Machines of Loving Grace 1991
Phenomena Goblin Creepers 1985
Electronaut VNV-Nation FuturePerfect 2002
Dead Stars (version) Covenant United States of Mind 2000
Born Of A Woman Consolidated Business Of Punishment 1994
Get Your Body Beat (Spetsnaz Remix) Combichrist Get Your Body Beat 2005
Doctorin’ The Tardis The Timelords, The KLF Doctorin’ The Tardis 1988
Machine Gun (16Bit remix) Noisia Machine Gun 2010
British Legion Kasabian Empire 2006
Meltdown Oratorio Foetus (Clint Ruin & Lydia Lunch) Stinkfist 1989
Celestial (The Tower) ISIS Celestial 2001
Sex Is Violent Jane’s Addiction/Diamanda Galas Natural Born Killers Soundtrack 1994
N.I.B. Pitch Shifter Masters Of Misery 1993
Coward Swans Greed/Holy Money 1986
Come To Daddy, Pappy Mix Aphex Twin Come To Daddy 1997
Stoned Blackie and the Rodeo Kings Bark 2003
Chicken Soup For The Fuck You Shout Out Out Out Not Saying/Just Saying 2006
Chip Away Jane’s Addiction Jane’s Addiction 2001
Just Like Heaven Dinosaur Jr. Fossils 1991
Sway Julie London My Summer of Love OST 2005
Off or Out Elysian Fields Bleed Your Cedar 1996
Jitterbug Mulholland Drive Soundtrack Mulholland Drive 2001
Jann Pehechaan Ho Mohammed Rafi Gumnaam 1965
Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Dean Ween Rise Above: 24 Black Flag Songs 2002
Bored Death Angel Frolic Through The Park 1988
Search and Destroy Iggy and the Stooges Raw Power 1973
Machine Gun Portishead Third 2008
PYRU Crash Worship Triple Mania II 1992
Bang Bang Nancy Sinatra How Does That Grab You? 1966
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broadcast 09

Download (142mb)

Track Artist Album Year
Wet Cat Prick The Wreckard 2002
Lovely Creature Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Murder Ballads 1996
Satisfaction f. Bjork PJ Harvey 1994
Bird Song Florence And The Machine Lungs 2009
Friend Or Foe Adam Ant Antics In The Forbidden Zone 1985
Subbacultcha Pixies Trompe Le Monde 1991
Inertiatic Esp The Mars Volta De-loused in the Comatorium 2003
Clandestino Manu Chao Clandestino 1998
Armed Response Trans Am The Surveillance 1998
Daniel Days Cloud Cult Lost Songs From The Lost Years 2004
I Don’t Know You People Orbital The Middle Of Nowhere 1998
Envoye The Young Gods Black Box (Disc 1) 1986
The Hollows Why? Alopecia 2008
O.G. Big Business Head for the Shallow 2004
New Born MUSE Origin of simmetry 2001
23 Blonde Redhead 23 2007
The Sky is a Poisonous Garden Concrete Blonde Bloodletting 1990
Hot Blonde Cocktail Chrome Cranks Love in Exile 1997
7 And 7 Is Love Love Disc 1 1966
Cold Water The Jesus Lizard Blue 1998
Walking With Jesus Spacemen 3 Forged Prescriptions 2003
Hit The Jesus And Mary Chain Barbed Wire Kisses 1988
Gramma Ned Coloring Book 2004
Going Back To Cali LL Cool J Walking with a Panther 1987
lexicon devil melvins. Germs Tribute 2005
ChemTale ohGr Sunnypsyop 2003
My Friend Dario Vitalic OK Cowboy 2005
New Big Prinz The Fall I Am Kurious Oranj 1988
$10 Bill Cop Shoot Cop Ask Questions Later 1993
In Every Dream Home A Heartache Roxy Music For Your Pleasure 1973
Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? Revolting Cocks Linger Ficken Good 1993
Baligaga Tricky Knowle West Boy 2008
Get Stuck Hilt Call the Ambulance (Before I Hurt Myself) 1989
In Penetration Controlled Bleeding Industrial Revolution Second Edition-Disk 1 1992
Scrape Unsane Scattered Smothered & Covered 1995
A Light In The Black Rainbow Rising 1976
Last Caress / Green Hell Metallica Garage Days Re-Revisited 1987
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broadcast 08

Download (123mb)

Track Artist Album Year
From the End of the World Electric Light Orchestra Time 1981
Never Comin’ Back Fuck Conduct 1998
88 Seconds In Greensboro Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark Crush 1985
Talk About The Weather Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Talk About the Weather 1985
Momma Was An Opium Smoker Rasputina Frustration Plantation 2004
You’re A Zombie Plasmatics Maggots: The Record 1987
Ha Ha Ha Flipper Blow’n Chunks 1983
Access Babylon (with Mike Dean from Corrosion of Conformity) Probot Probot 2004
Shoplifting The Slits Cut 1979 1979
Tube Disaster Flux of the Pink Indians 1984
Revenge Ministry With Sympathy 1983
Catch Yer Own Train The Silver Seas High Society 2007
Touched VAST Visual Audio Sensory Theater 1998
needle in the hay elliott smith elliott smith 1995
Heroin, She Said Wolfsheim Spectators 2001
Street Hassle Lou Reed The Squid and the Whale 2006
Good Morning Beautiful The The Mind Bomb 1989
Can’t Seem To Make You Mine The Seeds The Seeds & A Web Of Sound 2001
Redlights Salem Rough Trade Counter Culture 08 2009
$20 M.I.A. Kala 2007
If I Had a Heart Fever Ray Fever Ray 2009
my dog eats beats Console Rocket In The Pocket 2000
Lwm KeelHaul II 2001
Happy House Siouxsie & the Banshees Kaleidoscope 1980
Blood Money Primal Scream XTRMNTR 1999
Acid Tongue Attrition 3 Arms and a Dead Cert 1996
Mexican Dogs Cold War Kids Loyalty to Loyalty 2008
Judy Is A Punk Ramones Ramones 1976
Truly Hazel Toreador of Love 1993
Hell Squirrel Nut Zippers Hot 1996
Take It Or Leave It The Strokes Is This It 2001
Barnacle Goose Born Ruffians Red, Yellow & Blue 2008
Buenas Tardes Amigo Ween Chocolate And Cheese 1994
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broadcast 07

Download (145mb)

Track Artist Album Year
The Lifesucker The Legendary Pink Dots Stained Glass Soma Fountains 1999
35 In The Shade A.C. Newman The Slow Wonder 2004
Fuckin’ With My Head (Mountain Dew Rock) Beck Mellow Gold 1994
Store Bought Bones The Raconteurs Broken Boy Soldiers 2006
All These Things That I’ve Done The Killers Hot Fuss 2004
Big Brat Phantom Planet Promo Only Modern Rock Decembe 2003
Zombie The Pretty Reckless   2010
New York I Love You LCD Soundsystem Sound Of Silver 2007
Boy Like A Timebomb (featuring Daisy Marley) Noonday Underground Surface Noise 2002
La Foule Edith Piaf 23 Grands Succes 1957
Wussy A Minor Forest So Were They In Some Sort Of F 2000
Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf Version) Pixies Southland Tales (OST) 2007
Ave Satani Jerry Goldsmith The Omen 2001
Old Age (“Live Through This” Outtake) Hole My Body, The Hand Grenade 1997
Suicide King Mary My Hope Suicide Kings 1989
Soeur Violence Ulan Bator Ego:Echo 1999
I Think You Think Rework Fall Right Now 2003
Sing It Back Moloko I Am Not A Doctor 1998
May Your Lives Be Long Cloud Cult The Meaning of 8 (B-Sides) 2007
Between the Eyes Love Battery The Grunge Years 1991
If I Were Going The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen 1993
Fools Gold Stone Roses, The Turns Into Stone 1992
Song Meat Subtle A New White 2004
Taper Jean Girl Kings Of Leon Aha Shake Heartbreak 2004
Antonin Artaud Bauhaus Burning from the Inside 1983
I Don’t Care as Long as You Sing Beatsteaks Bam Margera Presents: Viva la Bands Disc 1 2005
Smells Like Teen Spirit The Bad Plus These Are The Vistas 2003
venenum Christian Death Insanus, Ulito, Proditio, Misericordiaque 1990
Noh Jam Pain Teens Born In Blood / Case Histories 1990
Pilentze Pee Bulgarian State Television Female Choir Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares 2006
Frontier Dead Can Dance Dead Can Dance 1987
Convenient Parking Sun Kil Moon Tiny Cities 2005
My Mathematical Mind Spoon Gimme Fiction 2005
Pretty When You Cry VAST Visual Audio Sensory Theater 1998
Second Best Pedro The Lion Control 2002
Hey Joe (Bonus Track) The Jimi Hendrix Experience Are You Experienced? 2008
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broadcast 06

Download (142mb)

Track Artist Album Year
Aphids Graham Reynolds A Scanner Darkly 2006
Shadow Dance Carter Burwell Book Of Shadows Blair Witch 2 2000
Cleansing Marilyn Manson Resident Evil OST 2002
The All That Is (Doom & Bass Version) Katscan Latest Developments In The Field Of Beat Surgery 2000
Burning Angel (biopsy remix) In Strict Confidence Collapse 2005
I Will Refuse Pailhead I Will Refuse 1987
K Y Re-amin Rx Bedside Toxicology 1998
Headhunter (V1.0) Front 242 Headhunter 1989
Assimilate Skinny Puppy Bites 1987
Faster than Light Lead Into Gold Age of Reason 1990
Muscoviet Mosquito Clan Of Xymox Live 2000
E.S.T. White Lies To Lose My Life 2009
Slow My Bloody Valentine Feed Me with Your Kiss 1988
Morrissey Rides a Cock Horse The Warlock Pinchers Deadly Kung Fu Action 1989
Boris The Spider The Who My Generation
So Long Sebadoh The Sebadoh 1999
Laisse tomber les filles France Gall Mister Melody 1964
Goodbye Horses Q Lazzarus 1988
Ice Cream Sundae Quixotic Mortal Mirror 2002
Symphathy for Brian Jones The Hell Yeahs The Hell Yeahs 2004
Aluminum The White Stripes White Blood Cells 2001
Superstition Stevie Wonder Talking Book 1972
Cheap Computer 3 Johns 7 inch singles 2000
Tainted Love Gloria Jones Singles 1965
Sex Dwarf Soft Cell Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret 1981
This Is The Year general malice 2004
Same Old Thing The Streets Original Pirate Material [UK] 2002
Catch A Bad One Del The Funky Homosapien No Need For Alarm 1993
$300 Soul Coughing El Oso 1998
gangland Violators 7 inch singles 1982
Baby Bitch Ween Chocolate And Cheese 1994
Wagon Wheel Old Crow Medicine Show O.C.M.S. 2004
I Came As A Rat Modest Mouse the Moon and Antarctica 2000
Last Kind Word Blues Geeshie Wiley Crumb 1930
Liar Liar The Castaways 1965
Mack the Knife Louis Armstrong The Essential Louis Armstrong 1956
I Got A Woman Ray Charles DE PRE HISTORIE – DE JAREN 50 – 1955 – VOL.1 1955
Bleed Me an Ocean Acid Bath Paegan Terrorism Tactics 1996
Birth, School, Work, Death Birth, School, Work, Death The Godfathers 1988
What Difference Does It Make? The Smiths The Smiths 1984
Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta Geto Boys And Scarface Best Of Geto Boys And Scarface 2008
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broadcast 05

Download (142mb)

Track Artist Album Year
beatz&vapor dryft cell 2000
King of the Jungle Panacea Underground Superstar 2002
The Worm (Edit) ZZT Rough Trade Counter Culture 2009
Double Coupon Babyland The Doom Generation 1995
The Perfect Drug Nine Inch Nails The Perfect Drug 1997
Spider Boy Thorn Future Shock 1996
I Fail Truth 16 Volt Supercool Nothing 1998
Tear You Apart She Wants Revenge She Wants Revenge 2005
We Share Our Mother’s Health The Knife Silent Shout 2006
Music That You Can Dance To Sparks Music That You Can Dance To 1986
Aphrodesiac Bow Wow Wow When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going 1983
Stripper Soho Dolls Ribbed Music For The Numb Generation 2007
Too Drunk To Fuck Nouvelle Vague Nouvelle Vague 2005
Feeling Good My Brightest Diamond Dark Was The Night 2009
Control Freak (Barry Adamson Mix) Recoil Drifting 1997
Awake And Under Calla Calla 1999
Pulled To Bits Siouxsie & the Banshees Nocturne 1983
Up In Flames Koko Taylor Wild At Heart 1990
Torn Between Suicide And Breakfast The Unholy 3 For The Sick 2007
Point of Disgust Low Trust 2002
Out Of Time Man Mick Harvey Two of Diamonds 2007
I Fell Into Painting Houses In Phoenix, Arizona Richmond Fontaine Thirteen Cities 2007
Goodbye Cruel World Luther Wright & The Wrongs Rebuild The Wall 2001
In The House, In A Heartbeat John Murphy 28 Days Later 2003
Afterhours The Sisters of Mercy (single) 1984
Our Lady of Vlatava A Hawk and a Hacksaw Darkness at Noon 2005
Abel The National Alligator 2005
Forming/Hot Chocolate Boy Hole Ask For It 1995
Hybrid Moments Misfits Legacy of Brutality 1978
Never Again MIA Lost Boys 2001
Heartattack and Vine Tom Waits Heartattack and Vine 1980
Butcher Pete (Part 1) Roy Brown 1947
Five Time Loser Moistboyz Moistboyz III 2002
Banana Splits Dickies Incredible Shrinking Dickies 1979
Brackish Boy Frank Black Frank Black 1993
Fix Up, Look Sharp Dizzee Rascal Boy In Da Corner 2003
Turn Off The Radio Dead Prez Turn Off The Radio 2002
Rocky Mountain High Dead Meadow Dead Meadow 2000
May Day (featuring The Duke Spirit) UNKLE War Stories 2007
Shine On, You Crazy Diamond Jack Irons Attention Dimension 2004
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