broadcast 15

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Track Artist Album Year
Venus DeVotchKa    
The Light Love And Rockets Earth Sun Moon 1987
Blood Band of Skulls Baby Darling Doll Face Honey 2009
Black Eyed Dog Nick Drake Time Of No Reply 1986
L’Heautonimoroumenos Diamanda Gal├ís The Divine Punishment/Saint of the Pit 1986
Pariah Danielle Dax Dark Adapted Eye 1988
Falcon Jab Ratatat LP3 2008
Mogwai Fear Satan Mogwai Young Team (Reissue) 2008
Through silver in blood Neurosis Through silver in blood 1996
The Dead Flag Blues Godspeed! You Black Emperor f#a#oo 1998
Famous Blue Raincoat Leonard Cohen Songs Of Love And Hate 1971
Some Kinda Love (alt. take) The Velvet Underground What Goes On 1968
Blame the Devil Love Life The Rose He Lied By 2001
bring it down Foreskin 500 starbent but superfreaked 1996
Boys Wanna Be Her Peaches Impeach My Bush 2006
Peaches The Stranglers Rattus Norvegicus: IV [VINYL] 1977
Callin’ Out Lyrics Born Later That Day… 2003
Parking / Shopping Flux Information Sciences Private / Public 2000
1-Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues Mclusky Do Dallas 2002
Magic Arrow Timber Timbre Timber Timbre 2009
Emerge Fischerspooner #1 2001
I Was the Fool Beside You for Too Long Yo La Tengo Painful 1993
We’ve Been Had The Walkmen Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone 2001
People Who Died The Jim Carroll Band Catholic Boy 1980
Verklemmt Foetus Gash 1995
Cassie Eats Cockroaches Acid Bath When The Kite String Pops 1994
Mr. Alphabet Says The Glove Blue Sunshine 1982
Here Come the Warm Jets Eno Here Come the Warm Jets 1974
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